Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2008 jewels by park lane catalog is here!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

gems for you ~ february 2008

click on the jewels by park lane february 2008 newsletter below to read it perfectly ~ you won't believe the great offers! and similar ones are offered each month!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

something new EVERY month!

To stay on the cutting edge of fashion and to give parties a continuous, fresh appeal, Jewels by Park Lane introduces between five to seven new items each month. The company also offers one of the best incentive plans in the business and strong support for promoting up the ladder. One of the things that is very attractive to this company is the opportunity to grow and expand your business through it's positive reinforcement, incentives, contests and financial rewards. It's indicative of the generous spirit of the company.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

jewels by park lane

Easy to Sell
The one thing we hear repeatedly from new Park Lane Representatives is how easy it is to sell. They'll say, "The jewelry is so well made and so beautiful, it sells itself!" It's true, it really is easy. Perhaps you have attended a Jewels by Park Lane Home Show at a friend's house. And perhaps you bought our jewelry.

You'll probably remember that you didn't have to listen to a sales pitch. There was no formal presentation. And there was no pressure. It was a party … "A Fun Ladies' Night out Playing Dress-up with Jewelry!" What a great business! You can do this!

The Art of Making Elegant Designer Jewelry Affordable

Oprah wears the necklace that inspired our "Oh" collection!
Dazzling with intensity. Intricately designed. Bold in a daring configuration of semiprecious stones and simulated gems. Sophisticated. Trendy. Created for the woman who appreciates quality yet understands the true beauty of value when adding to her collection of accessories.
This is Jewels by Park Lane... the #1 Party Plan Jewelry Company in the world!

Designer Inspired
Whether it's a simulated showstopper seen on Oprah at the Academy Awards or a dainty, intricately designed necklace sparkling with elegant simplicity, Jewels by Park Lane sets the stage for ideal accessorizing.

Casual, trendy, career, evening glitz, even couture, Jewels by Park Lane offers designs that enable women to make an individual fashion statement whoever they are and wherever they go.

Unique and exclusive, Jewels by Park Lane jewelry celebrates only the highest standard of excellence in craftsmanship, quality and style. And we back it all with an unconditional guarantee!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

top 10 great things about jewels by park lane

1. you will not break the bank Hold an Intro Show with $500 in net sales, and have 5 Shows booked to be held within your first four weeks – your $1000 Jewelry Kit is yours PLUS all the Hostess Credit associated with your show is YOURS to add to your kit! There’s a small administrative fee of $39 to get you set up at the corporate office.

2. set your schedule The best way to get off to a great start is to book and hold five or more shows in your first four weeks of business. After that, you’ll set the number of shows you want to meet your own income goals. When you see your Profit Checks, you’ll want to continue to do more!

3. training, magazines and more Free monthly training sessions, a monthly magazine, a complete step-by-step Manual, an audio CD, and a DVD to watch and learn from. We encourage you to observe at least two Shows at the beginning of your business, and more whenever you want some new ideas. Your Manager is always there to help answer questions.

4. weekly pay Each week you can receive a Profit Check from Jewels by Park Lane starting at 30% Commission on the Shows you’ve submitted that week. When you submit shows by Wednesdays at midnight you will receive a Commission check on Monday.

5. personal inventory & delivery straight to the hostess There’s only your personal jewelry inventory. Jewels by Park Lane is so wonderful, they deliver directly to your Hostess.

6. booking shows Make a list of everyone you know – like your holiday card list. Share with them the exciting news that you’re starting your new business. They’ll receive products at no cost when they help you get started by hosting their own show, and you’ll be meeting new people who will want to book Shows or become Fashion Directors themselves.

7. you decide if you continue long term For most Fashion Directors, their business with Jewels by Park Lane is more fun than work. But if you decide it’s not for you, you stop after you complete your first five Shows. You keep your income, the $1000 Jewelry Kit and any other jewelry you may have earned.

8. jewels by park lane is exceptional The Hostess Program is so attractive it’s easy to book Shows. High quality products are guaranteed to satisfy your customers. With three - four new Catalogs every year, you always have new jewelry to offer to book more shows to grow your business.

9. higher & higher income - it's up to you There are several ways to earn a higher income with Jewels by Park Lane. You can receive a 2% raise on your personal show commission as soon as you’ve submitted a cumulative amount of $5,000 net sales. Or you can go into management. By recruiting one new fashion director and completing the requirements necessary you will promote to Branch Director and earn an additional 5% commission on your personal shows and a % on your new team. You have an opportunity to promote to Sales Vice President and make $60,000 - $100,000 on average a year!!

10. all good things You earn income from the very first Show, & be your own boss with no risk.

what are you waiting for??

Monday, January 21, 2008

~ let your loved ones know ~

The perfect choice for Valentine’s Day gifts? Why, JEWELRY…of course! Candy is quickly consumed, flowers wither and wilt, but a gift of jewelry is a lasting memento of love, friendship and affection.
Nothing says “You are loved!” better than a gift of sparkling jewelry!